Jumpstreet in Chanlder Az

Jumpstreet in Chanlder Az

Jumpstreet Main Play Area

You are NEVER too old to have fun at Jumpstreet! You can quite literally “bounce off the walls” at this 13,000 square foot indoor spot. Keep in mind that jumping on trampolines is fun and a great workout. Jumpstreet is also a popular for birthday parties, teen nights and group activities like dodgeball.

We got a great workout having jumping contests and trying to launch each other. I even learned how to do a flip

Jumpstreet has Something for Everyone

  • Jump on trampolines that almost form a half pipe and make it fun to bounce of the sides back into the middle of the trampolines. There is a main jumping area for older kids and adults and a smaller play area for the little guys so they don’t get hurt
  • Trampoline Dodgeball – dodgeball is a fun game that young and not so young love playing. How can you make this game better you ask? How about on trampolines! The area isn’t huge but the game is fast and fun.
  • Jumpstreet Dodgeball Area

  • Jumpstreet has a mechanical bull, and its run pretty slow for all the little kids it can run faster if you ask and kick most urban cowboys off pretty fast.
  • Huge Pit of Foam Cubes – Have you ever wanted to try some tricks but were too worried about messing up and the pain that might bring? Enter the foam pit. This is the place to try your first flip or back flip. Maybe you just want to enjoy jumping into a huge amount of sponge like material. Regardless of your motives the foam pit is great fun.
  • Jumpstreet’s “Earthquakes” zone: an area specifically labeled for children 7 and under. This is a much-scaled-down version of the “big” Jumpstreet, with a small trampoline enclosure like the big kids’/ adults area, and several inflatable bouncy structures like a 20-foot-long inflatable crocodile.

Jumpstreet Earthquake Area

Jumpstreet has multiple rows of trampolines and padding everywhere. Its a perfect place to try doing flips and all sorts of acrobatic moves knowing you’ll have a soft landing.

Jump street was packed from young to old alike, all having a great time. I saw a couple of teenagers doing spiderman like moves. It was just fabulous.

455 E Warner Rd
Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 270-8008

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