Freestone Park

Freestone Park

Gilbert’s first big city park was Freestone Park with its lake, 4 baseball fields, skate park, and playgrounds. Freestone Park is a great place to take the family for a fun time outside. Freestone Park is a little more like a small amusement park than the typical city park you might see in other places. The Freestone railroad is a little amusement park inside Freestone Park geared towards kids age 2-10. Admission to the Freestone rail road and the rides like Train, Carousel, Mini Ferris Wheel and “Waterless” wave runners, are not free (see Freestone Railroad site for costs). Freestone park is a popular place to have family photos taken!

Freestone Park has basketball courts, a huge skate park, volleyball pits, batting cages and a driving range. What else could you ask for?”

The Skate Park at Freestone Park

Freestone Park Skate Park
details by Concrete Disciples

Freestone skatepark is the best skatepark ever, skate here all the time!

  • Telephone Bowl (shaped like a telephone receiver) – super fast between 8 and 10 feet deep, very little flat between transitions, 6 corners and 2 hips. All the old school pool riders love this one. There is a 1970’s feel to this –transitions with little or no flat.
  • Spine Bowls – a square bowl 9′ transition to 6 maybe 6 1/2 feet to a 20′ long spine, connecting bowl is square also but one side is oblong and has extensions. Not as fast as the other bowl but for the mini ramp enthusiast this is a great place to ride. More of a 90’s type mini ramp creation.
  • Street Course – Concrete is rolled from deck to sunken course-there is a pyramid, fun box, beginner bowl, hips, ledges etc. 2 1/4 pipes next to each other with a 4 foot gap between them (ok i admit it i didn’t ride the street course that much).

Softball at Freestone Park

Freestone Park baseball field

Freestone Park is the home of many many softball games for adult softball leagues and tournaments. Each year the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department sponsors three seasons of Adult Softball (Winter, Spring and Fall) at Freestone Park. 128 teams participate in 16 different leagues each season.

Fun with Kids at Freestone Park

Freestone Park Gilbert Az
Don’t be surprised to see people having a picnic or ice blocking on the long tall hills. Kids love to bring bread and feed the ducks, learn to ride a bike, roller blade, skateboard, ride a horse, fly a kite, have a birthday party, Quincea├▒eras, play ultimate frisbee and even have a wedding.

Freestone Park, Gilbert’s flagship park truly is a wonderful place to visit and play.

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Freestone Park
1045 E. Juniper Rd
Gilbert, Az