Chandler Skate Park at the Snedigar Sportsplex

Chandler Skate Park at the Snedigar Sportsplex

The park is comprised of 3 sections: a big flow bowl, a mid-sized pool, and a large street course. The shallow end of the large flow bowl has a 6′ tall spine and an extension. The bowl then hooks slightly right towards a raised deck 9′ deep end. Metal coping finishes the bowl.
The mid-sized pool is a combi with a round 7′ deep end and a square 5′ deep shallow end. This pool is finished with metal coping as well. The transitions are a bit mellow, giving it a slow feeling.

Chandler Skate Park is pretty big,and has really good obstacles. Mostly intermediate-expert.

Chandler’s street course is it’s best part. Ledges and rails drop into the street section from the entrance, leading you to the pyramid. There are bank-to-walls, pump bumps, a volcano, and a head high concrete edged corner. Chandler’s street course can be skated for days because there are so many lines to find.

Grab a lunch bag you’ll wanna stay here all day.

The park features several handrails and ledges including 2 long kinked rails. There are grindable ledges stashed all over the park for street rippers. The street/freestyle area is sunken and has a wide assortment of banks and bowls around the perimeter. In the center of the street/freestyle area is a fun box with a handrail, a rollover hump and a near vert, eight sided volcano. The park has a lot of transition and is not for the trannyphobic. An all around skater can use the transitions and banks to attain incredible speeds.

This is one of the sickest parks that AZ has to offer.

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